Tuesday 2 June 2015

Search Dogs Essential to Galapagos Efforts to Keep Out Harmful Invasive Species

African Snail from Freerepublic.com
Once Galapagos was pure and unspoiled. And, it remains the most protected and environmentally conscious area in the world thanks to strict rules and regulations. But, that does not mean that we are isolated. Far from it. From the earliest landings by pirates until today with the influx of tourists, species that are not in sync with the ecosystem and natural environment have been a problem. We are forever being threatened by species that are neither endemic nor natural to Galapagos. So, the Galapagos National Park and Marine Services, the Charles Darwin Research Center and myriads of other organizations and academic institutions are working hard to assure our environment remains stable and free from dangerous outside forces.

I love reporting to you about the wonderful conservation work being done throughout the Galapagos Islands to secure this beautiful paradise and keep it from harm. Rats have been conquered by human intervention, as have goats and feral cats. When it comes to insects that threaten certain plants, researchers take exceptional steps to find exactly the right antidote while safeguarding surrounding foliage. Penguins are helped with nesting; baby mangrove finches are protected from invideous insect eggs. It seems that even the giant tortoises are helping with preservation by absorbing certain invasive plants into their diet and thus preventing them from spreading.