Tuesday 21 October 2014

Penguin Update

Galapagos Penguin photo by Joseph Tepper for the Audobon Society
When asked what they are most anxious to see on their Galapagos journey, many of my guests say Galapagos penguins. And, it's no wonder, the little penguins are absolutely as cute as can be. Everyone laughs, points with delight and pulls out their cameras when one or more pops his head out of the water near our panga or lulls about on the rocks near Bartolome, Fernandina or Isabela Islands. As I write this I hear my own voice saying "Penguinos" and pointing them out with great enthusiasm.
Tuesday 14 October 2014

El Niño in 2014? Probably Not.

Iguanas with Babies Basking in the Sun
All year, the Weather Services and NASA have been predicting that Galapagos would suffer an El Niño event by the end of this year.  Well, I'm most happy to report, El Niño is not here with less than three months of the year to go. Not that El Niño is impossible, but at this point in the year the phenomenon seems to be less likely.  NASA provides us with the most accurate predictions of whether El Niño may occur and seems prone to thinking that it won't occur this year, though it's predictions are anything but certain.