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Galapagos Eco Lodge Hotel rooms view
The Galapagos Eco Lodge Hotel is TripAdvisor's number one ranked hotel and specialty inn on San Cristobal Island.  Though located within walking distance of the administrative capitol of the Galapagos Islands, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the hotel is quiet and private, caters to the individualized needs of its guests and offers a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and the busy harbor.  Because the hotel is family owned and operated, you can be assured that the person responsible for your needs is doing everything possible to make your vacation comfortable and stress-free.

Nighttime view of the Galapagos Eco Lodge
The Galapagos Eco Lodge was designed to be more than a place to stay. It is also the perfect spot from which to launch your adventures around the Galapagos Islands. With sites like the spectacular Kicker Rock, Point Pitt, Point Lobos, Frigatebird Hill, the Interpretation Center and La Loberia within an hour from the hotel, we offer exceptional day or overnight tour opportunities. Our website tells you all about them.

Here are a few reviews to show you how guests react to their stay at the Galapagos Eco Lodge:

From The New York Times: I love combining a luxurious Galapagos cruise with time at an ecologically-inspired hotel where I can absorb the local culture and spend time on my own. The Galapagos Eco-Lodge ... is the perfect place. [The owner] Harry Jimenez [is] a naturalist certified by the Galapagos National Park Service and a dive master. ...  Using his own boat, Harry will be your guide and personally escort you to the most exciting snorkeling sites and some of the most beautiful and important visitor sites in the Islands.  I recommend flying directly to San Cristobal to begin your Galapagos Islands stay with four days at the Eco-Lodge before a structured boat trip to the other islands.  The hotel itself boasts beautiful and homey amenities. A delicious breakfast is served daily and, as of this writing, construction on a full restaurant is nearly complete. To read the full review, click here.

From TripAdvisor: This little gem is owned by a very well known naturalist and travel guide Harry Jimenez. Harry will make sure your stay at his hotel and on the Galapagos Islands is the most memorable vacation you’ve ever had. The rooms are very comfortable, well furnished and clean. You will find microwaves, small refrigerators and air conditioning in all rooms. The daily breakfast is simply delish!!! Harry’s knowledge is priceless! He will help you plan your trip, take you to the best diving and snorkeling places and also instruct you on photographing the amazing islands and its out-of-this world inhabitants – Harry will be delighted to share tips on getting those perfect photos as he is an avid photographer himself and you will find some of his most beautiful pictures throughout the Galapagos Eco Lodge. 

Here are just a few of the rave reviews from TripAdvisor about the Galapagos Eco-Lodge:

"A beautiful place with wonderful hosts - Exceptional"

"I have traveled quite a bit and this was one of the best travel/hotel/trip experiences I have ever had.
Harry, his family, and the Galapagos Eco Lodge set a standard few can match. Don't even think of staying anywhere else!!!"
"Best Place to Stay in San Cristobal"
"Best Place to Stay in the Galapagos"
“Personal attention like NOWHERE else”
"Breakfasts in the open-air dining room are to die for with their organic coffee and fresh fruit."
"The panoramic view of the glittering bay and bobbing ships far below is just the crowning glory."
"The rooms are spacious with smart bathrooms and kept impeccably clean."
"An incredible value"
"The beds are lovely and huge!"
"We cannot recommend this place highly enough, we can't wait to return one day."
"Put Harry's place at the top of your list for places to stay on San Cristobal."

To read all of the reviews on TripAdvisor, click here.

To learn all about the Galapagos Eco-Lodge visit our website.


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