Tuesday 26 August 2014

Where the Past Meets the Future - Robots in Galapagos

Just last week I wrote about the incredible strides being made in using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV's) to help us with conservation throughout Galapagos. But the remote controlled drones used to count and track species on land aren't the only high tech advances in the works. Robotic airplanes are now being used in the Galapagos Marine Preserve (GMP) to collect data on poachers and to otherwise ensure the preservation of fish and marine life throughout the Galapagos seas.
Tuesday 19 August 2014

High Tech Galapagos - Not an Oxymoron

Galapagos UAV
"Remember," I tell my guests, "Galapagos is not like other places." We don't necessarily have all the amenities of home. Wifi, satellite based, without the benefit of fiber optics - well, it's not always reliable. Fresh water - it's at a premium too so water pressure may sometimes be iffy.

What we can rely on is our unique endemic animal, bird and marine life that has been around forever.  You come here to see preservation, not modernity.
Tuesday 5 August 2014

In Galapagos We Preserve and We Evolve

Galapagos is THE PLACE for preservation of the species. Nowhere else in the world is so dedicated to maintaining a pristine environment, observing the rules of nature, limiting interference from any non-endemic and indigenous species and not only preserving, but also regenerating, the plant, animal, bird and marine life that makes our unique ecosystem.