Monday, 9 July 2012

Lonesome George- Part Two

Lonesome George
Post Update:  Ecuador has honored Lonesome George by listing him as part of the Nation's Cultural Heritage.  For a full article see:

On a recent cruise around the Galapagos Islands I was lucky to have as guests a couple from Germany who took professional videos throughout the Islands. They were taking the videos for their company AquaSurround, which specializes in creating music and reflective environments that connect to sophisticated waterbed systems. These videos have been set to music and can be seen and heard on Youtube. They are some of the most beautiful and thoughtful Galapagos videos you will ever see and well worth watching.
 Among their truly special videos are these two tributes to Lonesome George:

Thank you Alex for sharing this footage with us.


  1. The blog is looking great. So sad to hear about Lonesome George, but how wonderful that he has been honoured. And Alex's videos are wanda-ful!

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